We believe PET is central to a sustainable future for us all

PET packaging is not ‘waste’ but valuable raw material.
Our ‘People, Planet, Product’ philosophy, a statement from our CEO’s.

In our modern society, it is almost impossible to imagine a world without PET packaging. As a producer, Resilux, in the interest of its stakeholders, wants to be able to deliver packaging that:  

  • is safe and suitable for consumer goods;
  • has a preserving or shelf-life-extending function for food;
  • is easy and efficient to use;
  • is affordable and of high-quality.

We summarise this as our ‘People, Planet, Product’ philosophy.


Our ambitions

Our primary objective is to contribute to the efforts that must be taken worldwide with regard to climate change. We must gradually tackle the environmental impact of factors related to PET packaging, as well as maintaining and increasing the company’s own entrepreneurial value in the long term. Therefore Resilux has the following ambitions:  

  • Implementing the concept of industrial ecology (in which used PET packaging is not seen as ‘waste’ but as a valuable raw material instead). 
  • Actively contributing to the transition from a linear economy to a circular economy by:   
    • extending and improving the life cycle of PET packaging through recycling activities, process development, product innovation, product development and product quality; 
    • breaking the link between economic growth and environmental impact – mainly because of the proportional increase in PET waste – and decoupling the production of PET packaging from the correlative increase in PET waste. 
  • Taking concrete steps to connect and bring people, governments and businesses together as this is essential for creating behavioural change, and to accelerate the transition to sustainable consumption and production systems that benefit social and economic development, taking into account the actual carrying capacity of an ecosystem: 
    • encouraging and facilitating general awareness that climate change affects the entire world population across borders and that it is the responsibility of everyone, wherever and whoever they may be, to combat climate change and to inform stakeholders properly; 
    • stakeholder engagement – engaging employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, consumers of consumer goods, legislatures, local authorities, other industrial players and sector associations in the activities of Resilux; 
    • bringing about cooperation between all parties involved in the value chain. 
  • Gradually improving the ecological footprint directly linked to its own production activities through energy management and reduction of CO2 emissions, waste management and sustainable investments. 
  • Actively caring for employees and society. 
  • Engaging in ethical entrepreneurship.  

By becoming increasingly transparent as a company and therefore less risky, we are endeavouring and hoping to give stakeholders and society in the long term the confidence that is expected of every company.  

Peter and Dirk De Cuyper
Chief Executive Officers